The Experts Behind JunoContent

JunoContent is a premier content management specialist in Europe. Our skilful employees have helped many international clients meet their ECM needs through the use and implementation of our strategic models and technology.

Our team is made up of 10 branch specialists whom already have a proven track record in the area of custom software application development. All of our employees are highly qualified and can appeal to their years of experience at companies like KPN, Shell, Getronics and Cap Gemini.

We employ our own management team which works on location. In addition, we also call upon a team of 80 highly trained international specialists in the field of custom software application development. Therefore, we will always be able to warrant the utilisation of contemporary technology at all times.

Experts in Tailor Made Software

JunoContent specializes in custom corporate applications, web applications and mobile applications. We will develop your PHP, dotNET or Java/J2EE web-or mobile applications based upon a predefined price. Whether you need an iPhone iOS or Google Android application, our specialized team is up for the job and will do what they do best: create a sustainable solution which is tailored to all your needs. As a consequence, you will be able to put more focus on your core-business.

On this page you will find background information about the software we use for our projects.

IBM Business Partner

Kofax Solution Profider

Novell Authorized Partner

Fujitsu Siemens

Fujitsu offers a wide range of professional and affordable scanners for any business environment. Be it either a small company in need of a simple scanner or a large corporation with more specific and complicated requirements, Fujitsu will offer the product tailored to their expectations. Together with Fujitsu, JunoContent is able to provide a complete document management system for any business environment.


Java, released by Sun Microsystems in 1995 is a programming language and computing platform which is still forms the basis for many contemporary programming languages. Java’s simplicity and potentials power many programs like utilities, games and business solutions. Around 850 million PC’s are using software based on Java every day and billions of other devices like mobile phones including in that count.


Novell inc is an international software developer which enables organisations to empower their workforce through the design and innovative character of their solutions. In recent years, Novell has managed to build up an extensive customer portfolio. Ever since it was founded in 1979, Novell has provided thousands of companies worldwide with file and network, productivity and collaboration solutions which have greatly improved company performance.


As one of the major players in the field of digital experience, Adobe has truly changed the face of the world. Ever since it was founded over twenty years ago, Adobe has been a pioneer in improving the user’s digital experience. Whether it’s solely the content creation process, or the creation of a true eco system linking various technologies together, no company manages to come up with such innovative solutions as Adobe does.

Chances are that, if you are using a smartphone or tablet, you are benefiting from Adobe’s innovation on a daily basis. Many mobile and even PC applications make use of Adobe’s technologies such as Flash or AIR. However, this should not come as a surprise as Adobe has managed to create groundbreaking digital solutions which are used by many developers to develop content for various platforms. Not only app builders and web developers can benefit from Adobe’s experience in the digital market. Adobe can also help your business strengthen its brand and improve its external and internal communication through media creation and data-driven marketing.


IBM Filenet ECM offers high quality solutions which can change the way any company operates. Your organization will become more dynamic: From creation to maintenance and management, your content will remain in motion throughout the entire cycle. IBM Filenet ECM provides an efficient document management platform with an easy to use workflow. This helps your organization create, manage and share content.

Microsoft .Net

.NET is comprised of a variety of classes which can be used by the developer to create programs, virtual execution systems (VES) and some compilers which can convert your source code to a usable application using the Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL). The MSIL-code is converted in to machine code by using the Common Language Runtime (CLR) which can then be executed


Alfresco is a content repository with content management services. Its primary use is managing your business documents and convert them in to web-ready HTML or PDF files. Once they have been converted, they are categorized and linked in to the overall site navigation and index pages. In addition, Alfresco’s built-in WYSIWYG (What you See Is What You Get) editor allows you to capture HTML pages.


Kofax Capture allows you to scan your documents in batches so they can be archived, indexed and (at a later time) can be completed by adding new information. Kofax Capture is the foundation of a paperless office and can be extended with additional functionalities. For example, Kofax Transformation Modules allows you to archive your documents intelligently, saving you time.

By deploying Kofax Capture as the scanning solution of your preference, you can produce high quality images in many different formats varying from PDF and PDF/A to JPG and TIFF. Your data is automatically stored digitally through the use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR). To facilitate the future retrieval of documents, you can assign index properties to your scans. Apart from indexing the documents automatically, you can also configure KOFAX to automatically check all scans for validity.

Kofax Capture is equipped with standard export scripts (integration functionalities) to forward scanned documents and index properties to a variety of renown ECM solutions like IBM Content Manager, IBM FileNet, EMC Documentum, Hummingbird DM, Microsoft Sharepoint, Hyland OnBase, OpenTextlink and Alfresco. Your workforce will operate with a higher level of efficiency, because all document versions are updated automatically.

JunoContent knows how a website should be developed and maintained. We offer our clients a complete package that contains everything you need.